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Our Vision

Why palma.partners?

Plurality and dialogue represent secure guarantees of balance. Collaboration among partners ensures the best strategy for each position.

What does 'web-based law firm' mean?

It means considering law and technology as allies. By combining professional activities with technological innovation, we aim to simplify case management with a focus on maximum simplicity and efficiency.

We aim for sustainability

We are a sustainable law firm. We promote digital solutions and strive daily to reduce the use of paper, toner, and plastic.
For this reason, we are always seeking new sustainable protocols and engaging with low-impact environmental technological solutions

We like technology

In an era strongly characterized by the impact of technology, we believe that technological knowledge applied to the legal world represents a fundamental tool for overcoming the challenges of law.

The fusion of technological knowledge and legal knowledge can be a strength in managing legal matters. That's why, in addition to the regular in-person study activities, palma.partners offers innovative methods for case management by providing technological solutions.

The features of our service

1. Consultancy
2. Strategy
3. Mandate
4. Action